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​10th Session of the IPHC Scientific Review Board (SRB10)

Meeting year: 2017

Dates: Wed, 14 June 2017 to Fri, 16 June 2017

Location: Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Venue: IPHC Office, Salmon Bay

Chairperson:  Dr. Sean Cox (Simon Fraser University)

Vice-Chairpersons: Dr. James Ianelli (NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Fishery Science Center); Dr. Marc Mangel (University of California Santa Cruz)


Reference Title Available on Link
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-R​Report of the 10th Session of the IPHC Scientific Review Board (SRB10)​11 July 2017 pdf.gif
IPHC-2017-SRB10-01DRAFT: Agenda & Schedule for the 10th Session of the IPHC Scientific Review Board (SRB10) - updated 19 May 201722 Mar 2017 pdf.gif
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-02​DRAFT: List of Documents for the 10th Session of the Scientific Review Board (SRB10) 1 June 2017​19 May 2017 pdf.gif
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-03​Update on the actions arising from the 9th Session of the SRB (SRB09) (IPHC Secretariat)​22 May 2017pdf.gif
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-04​Outcomes of the 93rd Session of the IPHC Annual Meeting (AM093) (IPHC Secretariat)​19 May 2017 pdf.gif
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-05Evaluation of need for future survey expansions in Areas 2A and 4A and proposed chages to the space-time modelling in 2017 (R. Webster)​1 June 2017pdf.gif
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-07​Pacific halibut stock assessment development for 2017 (I. Stewart)​25 May 2017pdf.gif
IPHC-2017-SRB10-08Evaluation of the IPHC's 32" minimum size limt (I. Stewart and A. Hicks) 19 May 2017 pdf.gif
Defining the simulations to evaluate fishing intensity (A. Hicks)22 May 2017 pdf.gif
​​IPHC-2017-SRB10-10​A discussion on estimating stock distribution and distributing catch for Pacific halibut fisheries (A. Hicks, I. Stewart, and R. Webster)​1 June 2017pdf.gif
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-11​Progress report on biological research activities (J. Planas)​23 May 2017pdf.gif
​IPHC-2017-SRB10-INF01​Abundance based management for Pacific halibut PSC (NPFMC June 2017-C5, D. Stram)​25 May 2017pdf.gif
​​IPHC-2017-SRB10-INF02​5-yr Biological and Ecosystem Science Program Research Plan (IPHC Secretariat)​23 May 2017pdf.gif